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limb SI


Can someone give me a system for determining SI points for limbs? I'd like to know how much punishment a characters arm or alien tentacle can take befor it's hacked off.
Originally posted by TheEngineer:
Runequest system is great for that.
Any Runequester around here ?
From RQ3 Deluxe combined or whatever it's called (da big book):

Hit Points per location: (RQ used hit points)
1/3 - leg, abdomen, and head
4/10 - chest
1/4 - arm

round fractions up

hit location (roll a d20):

01-04 right leg
05-08 left leg
09-11 abdomen
12 chest
13-15 right arm
16-18 left arm
19-20 head

(in RQ this also includes spells so this could used for a plasma leak, energy spark, etc.)
01-03 right leg
04-06 left leg
07-10 abdomen
11-15 chest
16-17 right arm
18-19 left arm
20 head

equal damage and the part can't be used/falls/unconscious etc.
twice damage and a limb is maimed/lost

chest and legs (assuming full body coverage) take up 2/10 of encumberance per location covered by armor, the rest are 1/10

GURPS, Harn, etc. have similar as well but IMO this should work with little to no modification for a d20 game