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Library (World) Data for Ley Sector

I am trying to locate the library world data for the Ley Sectors. Of course, I have the major planets data in the free adventures I have downloaded so far. Can anyone help?

Mr. Caveman,

Hit the eLibrary link on the TravellerRPG banner, it's just to the right of the CotI link. Look on the left hand margin of the new page. Under 'Official Downloads', you'll notice the word 'Maps'. Give it a try.

All four sectors are available there; for free. They are tucked into zipped and are formatted as PDFs. If you don't have the free Adobe PDF Reader yet, there's a link for that too, or you can google 'Adobe PDF Reader'.

That doesn't give him the UWPs though, just the maps. I presume the UWPs and worlds are detailed in the Gateway book.
Evil Dr Ganymede wrote:

"That doesn't give him the UWPs though, just the maps. I presume the UWPs and worlds are detailed in the Gateway book."

Dr. Thomas,

Mea culpa. One of these days I'll actually read what people post and not what I think they post.

Okay, another link: www.zho.berka.com

Go to the Astrography section and follow your nose. I recommend the Interactive Atlas or ABB's site.

Unfortunately there is, as far as I know, no online source for the official Gateway library data short of the PDF of the Gateway sourcebook...

I dunno if Hunter and Martin are gonna make it availible when the book is out proper, but I do know that it isn't up at the moment.

I won't release all of the UWP data until Gateway is officially released itself. However, we should shortly have a place (offsite) where you will be able to check out Ley Sector, with access to UWP data and maps.

A small cheat that hunter has probably forgot about go back to the first load screen and go to star maps if you click on one of the systems it will give you the USP for the system (they may or may not be correct), i did one run through before the gateway pdf's came out and there where several systems wrong but it's better than nothing.
Dont know if the gateway pdf's are still available but they are probably what you want (i'm going to wait for the dead tree version).
Hope this helps.
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