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Library Data Submissions

Spinward Scout

SOC-14 5K
Hi Everyone!

Hopefully I didn't miss this somewhere, but is there any way for us to see what submissions have already been made to the Library Data (even if they haven't been approved yet)? This way I don't submit something that someone else already has (or 20 people don't submit the same thing).


DOH! Yes there should be, my enthusiasm outpaced my brain and I forgot to get a Queue list posted. Look for it by the morning.

If it's a choice between updating the features on this site and getting T20 out the door, I'd much prefer QLI focus their efforts on the latter. Which is what I assume has been happening. That said, once T20 is actually out the door (which, rumor has it, may well happen TODAY) I do hope to start seeing more updates to this site...