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Library Data ST Voyager 3 rd Imperium’s Take


A version of classic fairy tale collections commonly called Star Drek. This version has all humaniti cast with advance TL machines and robots which frequently do not work properly or the tech level changes with each fable story which allows the writer to have story plot point.
The base story line is a scout ship misjumps to another part of galaxy domains away from Imperium space and is racing seventy years back to Imperium space.
Following the classic Ulysses fable line, the adventurers meet ‘strange’ new races which appear humaniti with children make up on and costumes stolen from their mothers’ closet. Each visit with a new race preaches that just because some is different they are okay. However when the ‘new race’ is not humaniti that race is always evil or in few stories with the various Ancient figures the Ancient is portrayed as a trickster and non-helpful.
Most story lines are bad moral plays with the dialog and action suitable only for preschoolers due to how direct they are. The Captain of fable is a ‘strong willed’ and ‘loving’ character who wants to return to the Imperium. The executive officer is call Joe cold E who is member of minor religious sect. Two bot who is not a robot but an elf with the robotic like mind. Be lawn Tore ess a female with spoil brat traits but standard heart of gold gear head. Tom Paris the male everlasting spoil brat kid stereotype. Harry Kim the side kick to the spoil brat characters. The Doctor a mixture of an autodoc and holvid creature who wants to be Humaniti. Knee licks the comic relief cook and thief character. Kess the adult in child body character. Seven Nines combination cyborg and child in adult body character, it is interesting to note that the character was suppose to have intensive cybernetics this was shown by makeup on her forehead and strange speech or emotional patterns. Seskai the standard betrayal/ spy character. It is amazing how little these characters grow or learn but that is standard with fable stereotypes.
However one problem with Captain character is in various stories the Captain refuses help from the ‘Ancient’ characters, ‘strange’ new races, and occasional non-humaniti race even when the help would let the ‘heroes’ return home faster. These fairy tales shows how bigoted our forefathers were. Humaniti races good non-humaniti evil.
Also the Captain character repeatedly forgets the main mission of a Scout Captain is to get the crew home and all scout information back as soon as possible. The refusal generally is some mythical taboo about the first law, which the various characters break on a regular basis on minor scales; it is believed the first law was a poor excuse for the writer to publish multiple volumes of the same story line.