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Levels 'n stuff

I'm slightly confused on the rules for multi-classing.

Say a Vargr, me, started as a belter and did 2 terms as a belter. Then he saw the recruitment poster for the scouts and thought whoo hoo, I can make a difference (sucker). He joined.

Now, when applying skills, does he use level 1 scout for feats and that stuff, or does he start on the level 3 section of that chart and miss the bonus feat?

He is a third level character but a first level scout.

So everything from the experience point chart at the front of the book is applied as if he were 3rd level. This primarily means the General Feat he gets at third and the number of EXP points he needs for his next level.

But he applies the first level line on the Scout Table for the class-dependent benefits.
this of course assumes he only got two *levels* out of eight years as a Belter, which is unlikely.

I posted an example of multi-classing in the general T20 area, under the topic asking for an example.

He gets everything a 1st-level Scout gets except the starting skill points. You only get starting skill points in the first class your character has, as this is supposed to reflect at least some of your pre-class/occupation training and societal indoctrination. He would basically get skill points as though he'd gained any other level of Scout.
Ok, thanks for the assist!


(that's 3 souls that have no worries when boarded by "the pack". Doesn't TJ wish he were so lucky.....muhahahaha)