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Leadership vs. Recruiting

In T20 they seem to have replaced the Leadership Feat from D20 with the Recruitment Skill in some ways, although they are not quite the same.

Is the Leadership Feat, per the DMG, still available in a T20 world for true followers? It would appear not, since it is not listed in the T20 book at all (while improved initiative is listed, although no changes from the core D20 rules).

But if that is the case, then how can someone actually get true followers? In the case of a Noble/Navy Admiral, he would like to take the Leadership Feat to have some loyal followers as "Aids". The Recruiting Skill seems to be more for Hirelings and Passengers than it is for loyal followers.

Is the Leadership Feat available? And if not, then how should you allow loyal followers?

I am considering applying the rules this way :

Recruiting - Allows hirelings, their loyalty is tied to the money you are paying them.

Leadership Feat - Allows followers, loyalty is firm at start of play .. how they treat followers during play may effect this though.

Any thoughts?

SuperStar DJ Papa Smurf
The D&D Leadership feat reflects the style of play in the D&D world, that is you have the fearless leader and horde of slavishly devoited minions. Traveller, being more "realistic" assumes more personality for it's NPC minions, so the rules reflect that by omitting anything that assumes minions are ever loyal.

See also, Natural Born Leader feat and the Leader skill.

If you like the Leadership feat bit of space opera, include the Leadership feat whole cloth.

I always hated the followers must slavishly follow their masters rules because the munchkins would whine endlessly about it when the minions would choose an opportune moment to stab their masters in the back for treating them badly.