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Launch bay question


The T20 rules mention that a launch bay can launch 2 craft per turn (I asume that to be a 20min strategic turn) but it dosen't say how many ships per turn can be launched by a launch tube (that I coud find any way). Anyone know from previous rules.

IIRC, High guard allowed dispersed structure ships to launch EVERYTHING in one turn... lauch/small craft bays could launch one craft per turn, and launch tubes could launch a SQUADRON in a turn. If 1800sec turns are assumed, that makes a rate of one craft per 30 minutes for the landing bay, and one craft every 3 minutes for the launch tube.

Definately NOT Battlestar Galactica.
High Guard launch tubes allowed you to launch 40 craft per 20 minute turn, or about 1 craft every 30 seconds. That compares very well to a comtemporary aircraft carrier catapult, which launches about one aircraft per minute.

High Guard abstracted launch bays; a ship could have one launch facility per 10,000 tons of ship, and each facility could launch one ship per 20-minute turn.
So, are these launch tubes some kind of catapult. Gauss technology or MagLev acceleration device. On old SciFi shows (BattleStar G and Buck Rodgers) launch tubes seemed like a waste of space as the fighters just accelerated throw a snazzy light show via on-board thrusters.
One of the first things I loved about B5 was that when they launched fighters it was, "open the hatch...'drop' them out."