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Landgrab of Sidur Haski (Laeth/Gushemege 1334)

The good lords and ladies at TML Landgrab have granted my petition for my homeworld!

Let the bells ring out and the tigers play, what?

The Sidur Haski Sourcebook should be out in septemberish (which means november. ha ha!)

(drunkenly swaggers off to party singing ribald vilani drinking songs...)

I eagerly await news of Sidur Haski, Milord! Good to see I'm not the only one to write up a homeworld (but I think Flynn and I begat a minor trend).
Always a pleasure to contribute to the Traveller universe, either directly or indirectly. ;)

Looking forward to it,
My time period is 1106, just after the Fifth Frontier War, but the system summary and most general stats are good for any time period after about 800. Just change or remove the personalities (no, please don't kill my fake multi-great granddaughter off, please! :D :rolleyes: