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Lady Heather Mengele


SOC-14 5K
Lady Heather Mengele is an ex-diplomat Imperial noble of Solomani descent. While she is ardently proud of being Solomani, she makes a point of distancing herself from the Solomani factions (unfortunately, her parents are in one of them; fortunately, it is one of the more moderate ones), and joined the Imperial Diplomatic corps in order to learn to work in a leadership role in one of the "pan-sophont" factions. So far she has worked on the frontiers, and has acquired a small (so far, three-person) entourage consisting of her ex-army bodyguard Loran Handel, Scout Engineer Virginia Alexandria Memphis and Nicole Torrez, pilot.

Lady Heather Mengele:
5B698C 1 term noble 1 term 2nd Secretary Diplomatic Corps 26 year old female
Liaison-3 Ship's Boat-2 Bribery-1 Commo-1 Computer-1 Grav Vehicle-1 Handgun-1 Instruction-1 Intrusion-1 Leader-1 SMG-1 Vacc Suit-1 Wheeled Vehicle-1
Pistol, 70,000 Cr, TAS Member

Virginia Alexandria Memphis:
686877 2 term ex-scout 26 year old female
Pilot-3 Astrogate-2 Electronics-2 Mechanical-2 Vacc Suit-2 Engineer-1 Gravitics-1 Grav Belt-1 Rifleman-1 Ship's Boat-1
30,000 Cr, Scout Ship (S.S. Incognition)

Loran Handel:
99A998 3-term ex-Army 07 30 year old male
Rifle-3 Tactics-3 ATV-2 Mechanical-2 SMG-2 Admin-1 Carouse-1 Commo-1 Computer-1 Electronics-1 Fwd. Obs.-1 Grav Vehicle-1 Grav Belt-1 Gunner-1 Leader-1 Short Blade-1 Vacc Suit-1
Typical of the Solomani to name their family after a mad fascist scientist...
Two things lead to her name:

1. Lady Heather, the dominatrix from CSI (the one with Gil Grissom)


2. Ben Browder mentioning Josef Mengele to the mad scientist on the Farscape (season 1) DNA Mad Scientist.

Lady Heather holds her philosophy as much because of Josef as anything else...
Originally posted by Employee 2-4601:
So it means that you're running this campaign rather than the Witchy Yacht? I rather liked that one.

Oh, and are these characters PCs or NPCs in your campaign?
I'm not running any campaigns. Mostly because my group is running The Traveller Adventure and starting another (concurrently played, but in no way related) campaign, but partly because I haven't made any campaigns.