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Kung-Fu Travellers


Anyone plan on converting D20 monks (whatever flavor) for use in their TU? Ala Ken Hood's Sleeping Imperium??

I want to include the option but I don't want it to be a major feature. I'm not looking to recreate the jedi or anything but I thought it would be a nice addition or oddity.

PS. Here is Ken Hood's Sleeping Imperium website. It is a very cool far future sort of gothic horror sort of Sci-Fi campaign.

That's an interesting idea. You'd have to switch some of the monk "magical" "supernatural" abilities at higher levels out for psionic powers.

You could make up a prior service history for them, there is an article here on CoTi about how to do prior service tables etc.

The next question is, what "niche" do they fill in the Imperium? Are they considered 'religious' or Solomani crackpots?

I could maybe see them as a very lost sect or something. Their being SO few of them, just like there are few true psionicists outside of the Zhodani sphere.

Interesting idea...makes one think...

The Man Behind the Curtain
As far a niche goes, I'm not sure at this point as I am not that familiar with the role of religion in the Traveller Universe.

In my homebrew D&D world, religion is more doghmatic than "factual". In other words, everyone has opinions but no one really knows the truth and they can't speak to god in any real way to find out the truth.

I'm assuming it is similiar in some way in the TU.
I would say "monks" are a philosophical "religion". They believe and promote the divinity of self through meditation and self discipline. They believe in a universal conscience and elightenment. Sort of a new universal Zen.

Another thing that would need to be looked at is how thier combat abilities work with the vitality/lifeblood system. I'll need to wait until I get my T20 book.

Just imagine your average ships crew with a lowly deck hand named Grasshopper!!!
Martial artists/ philosphical monks. Hmmmm. Bruce hasa point about swappin the magic stuff out fer psi.

For Trav Historical canonicity, the JTAS article on the Irklan (JTAS-23: Contact: Irklan!", pp15-21) might do for small sects of highly trained type of stuff. Of course, these fellows were a ninja-gimmick sorta, but they did allow in the article that their seeking divinity thru self improvement was pretty openended. And no morality issue on their Darwinistic the strong survive/ all else is weakness/ total self-improvement mindset.

Martial arts in Trav were also dealt with in:
JTAS-19, pp43-46
"Spicing up Brawling" Trav Digest 18, pp44-45.
Trav-Chronicle 1, pp6-7, & 49 for MT.

TNE made the martial artist a career choice.

Just some bullets fer the topic.Bye now!
Take a look at the Inkyo class from the Rokugan source book. They don't have all the supernatural powers of a D&D monk, but they do get a fair amount of martial arts type bonuses, enough to seem supernatural in a hard science game like Traveller.