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Has anybody come up with D20 stats for the centars yet? Real annoying how the THB gives almost half the major races just a one paragraph blurb.
Originally posted by Falkayn:
Have a look at the TA Authors thread. I suspect at least one of the Alien books will cover them in more detail.
Yep, go on over and have a look.

There are two Travellers Aides being written (both by Peter Scarrott) entitled (provisionally) 76 Aliens and 76 More Aliens.

I, for one, am looking forward to them being published as one of the things I was disappointed with after reading the THB was the lack of stats for some of the major races (Hiver, K'Kree) as well as some of the more interesting 'minor' ones.

Hi all

Can'ty go into great detail but as the author of TA?? 76 Major Aliens and TA?? 76 Minor Aliens (Not due out for ages yet I believe, still being worked on). I can say that they will have few game notes on the aliens just 76 aliens each (13 each non human major race in the first one) stat'd like 76 Gunmen. I am putting in some race notes at the start of each section though.

Hope this helps

Please note that all this is subject to change by MJD or Hunter before publication - I also have NO idea at this time when they will be published.