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Hey it has been a while since I hung out here. Well now I have to go thru a proxie AAAAAck what a pain in the pigu. I'll be back to the states this summer. Meanwhile enjoying spring festival and putting some time into 3d. Got a new app PMG Messiah which is quite cool. Anyways to the point I made up a K'Kree took a few liberties with it made him look a a bit tougher and stilla bit toonish. He is fully rigged and ready for animation. I am a lousy animator but a decent rigger now i guess one thign at a time. Enough talk here he is.
Definitely promising... but it doesn't really scream "k'kree" at me - it looks a bit too centaurlike (in the mythological sense) to me. The head looks too... I dunno, human? Maybe it's the angle - I thought K'Kree heads were smaller and sleeker and the eyes were smaller and set into the skull more - kinda like a rottweiler head or something. And I think the front torso seems a bit too long too (in fact the whole thing looks a bit too big somehow.

I always pictured K'Kree with glossy black fur myself too...

And I think the 'startled' pose (which I think there's more of than not) is getting a bit old for the K'Kree too - people would find K'Kree more scary if they were looking down the barrel of a gun held by a snarling psycho K'Kree fanatic covered in the blood of his enemies ;)

This'd be a good one for a caption contest though ;) .
I took a few liberties with it. I thought they needed some beef so I went with a more bovine look.(als got rid of the pencil arms and gave him a bit of muscle and a gut after all beer is vegetarian) Also wanted to make him more personable. I read the coloring afterwords but hey we have limited knowledge of the K'Kree and well this could be a small subrace. :D

He is fully rigged and can be posed a number of ways. Which is fun a bit of work to rig but the results are worth it.
OK a close up of the weapon I call a plasma lance. a PGMP with a seperate spealike attachment that fires a small bit of plasma on impact into the target on impact. Otherwise a normal PGMP.

A close up of the face before rigging. Got soem rigged poses too in different forms.
I thought it is time. I am havign soem problems reaching here now and have to use a proxy. Ahh the wonders of living in China. Thsi summer back to the USA though.
Wow! Did you model that from scratch or is it kludged from another model?

Either way it shows promise.

Some suggestions: Firstly the K'Kree don't have hooves they have three fingered hands with a thumb-stump they use as a pad for walking on - exactly the same as the hands on their arms. The front legs are a bugger. It took me ages to find some concensus on this but from what I can tell from illustrations in official sources, the front legs are the same as the hind legs, not like the front legs of a horse. So what you end up with is a sort cross between a human leg and a bovine/equine hind leg.
I don't know if Messiah can do fur/hair but he needs a mane from his head all the way down his back.
The ear is low down on the head on the jaw line.

Aside from this I think the anatomy and proportions are pretty close but the musculature needs a lot more definition.

The Rifle is superb! Nice design and nicely done.

Is this your first attempt at a lifeform? If it is, it's excellent. If not, can we see what else you've done?


Well I tried to keep it at a resonable level of detail so he can be properly rigged. This is a series of pics showing off the rig with a few assorted poses. I find if you go too detailed on your mesh the rig will suck and you get a statue. Since this is not a statue I kept it mid level there. I would detail it more if I have Z brush would do a normal map to bring out the detail. Messiah does not do hair. Ther eis a guy who got some weak looking hair using particles but well not really up to what can be doen in other programs. There is talk of it in the next version.

I did a personal take on it rather than slavishly try to pick out the detail from the postage stamp sized referances. I am a bit new to messiah but the rig is pretty cool the mouth can move pretty god and he can show some expressions which is cool.

I do more life forms than mechanical stuff although mechanical stuff creeps in. I did do quite a few dinosaurs they are fun and did two hivers my early version I gave to andrew I have a new version that has a simpel rig on him. I did a Vargr which I am not as happy with as the K'Kree alltough he is more accurate in some ways. A quick look at the Vargr.

With the KKree I just took some horse pics and did the legs make it a bit more centaurlike.

Sahderwise there is a touch of SSS on him and a fresel shader that brings tou the hair. Makes it look less like a bump map.

So to answer your question made from scratch using Wings 3D as a modeler and UV mapper then messiah to rig and render.

Actually might be cool to make a more accurate one with some better refs. They get better with each model.
The K'Kree's body looks fine up until the shoulders. If you have them I'd reference GURPS Traveller Alien Races 2, and look at the silouette on the sidebar on Page 64, and the 3/4 mug shot at the bottom of the sidebar on page 65. The pic on Page 99 is also pretty good.

In short I think your K'Kree's torso is too human. The shoulders need to be set further down, and a more "horse like" graduation from the lower body to the upper body.

Also, the obvious reference is the cover art for the original Alien Modual #2. To myself that's definitive traveller art.

Note how the horse's main molds into the shoulder area before attaching to the head.

One final note, the head on your K'Kree looks fine. If anything he looks like a young warrior to myself, whose willing and wanting to prove himself.

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