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K'Kree front legs?


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Okay, in G:T Alien Races 2 there seems to be some uncertainty on the part of the artists as to the construction of the K'Kree's front legs.

I always assumed they were the same as a horse's front legs, but studying the illustrations in the book, they appear to actually be a second set of hind legs but not so heavily built as the actual hind legs. However, some artists portray them as human legs and others still with four sections creating a cross between a dog-leg and a human leg.

The physiology writeup brushes over the subject mentioning simply that they have three pairs of limbs.

Anyone got a definite answer on this one?

Well, yeah, but that doesn't really answer my question.

Are the K'Kree's front legs shaped like hind legs, fore-legs or a wierd alien combination of both?

Andrew! Posted at the same time as you. So Ct AM 2 shows the skeleton, eh? Now if only I could get a look at it...

Originally posted by Sir Dameon Toth:
Try modeling them on a cow's legs - the k'Kree are supposed to be sapient cows, right?
Well no. They're no more 'sapient cows' than Aslan are 'sapient cats'. They're aliens, not related to anything on Earth (and in fact, for all that people go on about them being cow-like, I'd call them more horse-like myself).

And using terran analogues isn't very useful when talking about physiology of alien creatures.
You mean it's not ok to use terran analogues to talk about alien creatures that really don't exist? Oh My God! What have I Done?!?


Originally posted by Sir Dameon Toth:
You mean it's not ok to use terran analogues to talk about alien creatures that really don't exist? Oh My God! What have I Done?!?
I'm guessing that 'Crow wants to know this so he can do a 3D render of a K'Kree?

Either way I expect he's looking for a definite canon answer, not someone's wild guess based on what terran creature they vaguely look like.
Ah. How about CT LIbrary Data? Ok, looking... The back legs look like a goat's and the front legs, er, um, kinda like a horse without hooves. It almost looks like fingers on the end of the "feet." Ok, GT had a good pic, I think. Let me see... Lot's of pics, each one is different. In one it looks like a a person standing up with a horse's body grafted onto the backside, and in the other pic - yeah, kind like a dog's front legs. They are supposed to weigh about 500 kilos so I would think the legs would be thick, but then cow's legs aren't all that thick. Horse's are, but that's more for running.

Hmmm, would MJD know the canon answer?

Originally posted by Sir Dameon Toth:
Ok, GT had a good pic, I think. Let me see... Lot's of pics, each one is different.

I've got loads and loads of pictures of K'Kree but they all have different front legs. As I mentioned earlier, I can't tell if they're Lupine, Human or (as they most commonly appear to be), a mix of both.
In most pictures they look like they have an extra joint, giving the upper leg a backwards elbow bend like a human arm but then where the wrist would normally be, it has a forward bend like a human knee and finally an elongated dog-like foot.

Andrew - Many thanks!
Incidentally, which address did you send it to? There's nothing in my Hotmail account. If it was BlueYonder I'll have to get it when I get home. If it was BT, could you resend to Hotmail as BT is now defunct

Mal - It's for the paper miniatures. A 3d K'Kree however would actually be quite a nice little project. Hmmm...


you might try looking at the brachiasoar (sp?) from the first 'jurrasic park' movie. it's the first dino you get to see. the brachi had the same problem as the k'kree, holding the front section of their body higher than the rear half while still keeping all four legs on the ground.


Don't misunderstand me, I'm really quite grateful for the tips and advice, but it's not real-world reference I'm after it's a definitive answer on the design of the creatures themselves.

Anyway, it's all academic now as the jury is in. With many thanks to Andrew, the answer is simply this: It's another set of 'hind' legs. The artist(s) for GT Alien Races 2 were just crap.

Now I have to redraw my minis :( Shouldn't have been so impatient.

Funnily enough, the Grenadier ones got it wrong. They've done them as forelegs. The other ones (Martian Metals) got it right.