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Kafer chronology


Could someone give me a short chronology of Human/Kafer interaction. In what sequence does the adventures in Kafer Dawn, Mission Arcturus and Invasion occur? While first two are Traveller:2300 and the third is 2300AD, I`ve always assumed that they are consistent.

2295: First Contact at Arcturus
2296: Station Arcture stops reporting back
2297: 1st Battle of Tithonus, Aurore invaded.
2298: 2nd Battle of Tithonus, Terrans counterinvade Aurore.
2299-2300: Kafer Dawn
2299: USS Sanchez destroyed during Probe of Arcturus by Kafer Improved Alpha.
2300: Mission Arcturus, Station Arcture retaken.
2300: The Starship "ISV-5" is downed by the Kafers (Energy Curve)
2301-2: Invasion, general Kafer invasion with roughly 1/3rd of their forces.
2302: Kafer Highpoint, Battle of Queen Alices Star, followed by Terran counteroffensive
2303: Operation: Overlord. Last occupied planet reconquered. End of narrative.

BMonnery wrote:

"2299: USS Sanchez destroyed during Probe of Arcturus by Kafer Improved Alpha."

Mr. Monnery,

She was the Kennedy-class cruiser operating with USS Jefferson? I hadn't known she was ever named.

Thx, and you even placed energy curve and operation overlord as well.
One more question though, what are the start and end dates of the Kafer war?
Ktarn wrote:

"One more question though, what are the start and end dates of the Kafer war?"


It started in 2296 when the Kafer attacked and occupied Arcturus Station. Of course humans didn't know there was a war on until 2297 when Aurora was invaded.

When did it end? Short Answer: It hasn't.

Long Answer: Most of their forces in the human side of the French Arm have been evicted or destroyed by 2303, although there all still lots of dribs and drabs skulking about - look at Aurora six years after the invasion there. If you squint real hard, you could argue that 2303 is the 'end' of the First (and hopefully, Last) Kafer Invasion. There is still plenty of fighting going on and a very good promise of more to come.

Arcturus is occasionally patrolled by human vessels and clashes regularly occur with Kafer ships there. However, there is no permanent human fleet presence at Arcturus. What's more, humanity is beginning to suspect the existence of the secret base that allows major Kafer formations to bypass Arcturus altogether.

Further afield, there may be Kafers operating in the barely explored stellar cluster where 'Energy Curve' is set, a few human probes of Kafer space beyond Arcturus may have occurred; as depicted in the GDW - Challenge article and module "Three Blind Mice", and the brown dwarf 'Backdoor' in the American Arm has led to contact with the Ylii and Kafers there.

So, the war hasn't ended yet.

IIRC Operation Overlord places a multinational rotating squadron of warships at Arcturus with a Hudson and Metal class freighters acting as fleet tenders.
Thank you

I tried looking in the introductions of the adventures to place them in the correct order. What really confused me was that one of them refered to the Kafer war in the past sense.