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Juilian Proctorate


Who are They?

ok the 3rd Impium had a war with them and the Anteries sector defected to them during the Civil War.

Isn't there something else?

Check out the website in my sig, from the home page go to Traveller, then see the JP stuff I've compiled. Some of its made up by me, but a LOT of it is what's already on the web/published material.
finally found it (thinking the Traveller Link would bring me back here).

so basicly they where a group of systems that banded together to prevent being assiumlated into the 3rd Imprium during there "pacification campigens". An they are alot like what the 3rd Imp is(or was).
Pretty much, except that they are explicity a joint Human and Vargr realm. It's roughly equal in size to an Imperial Domain.
And right next door is the Third Empire of Gashikan, a good sector sized interstellar human government that is so rabidly (no pun intended) anti Vargr that Vargr slavery is common and on some systems Vargr are executed on sight.
The Julian Protectorate is most importantly a confederation of many small multi-world governments and individual worlds rather than an all encompassing government (much as the Solomani claim to be). Governments apply for membership and the existing members vote on it and existing members may leave at any time. The principles of Julian Menderes are what drive it, that is a free market economy, resistance to the 3rd Imperium's expansion into their markets & equal right for Vargr (supposedly). There is still a large anti-Vargr sentiment amongst the human population of the Julian Protectorate dating back to the Sack of Gashikan.
Yeah, the TEG make for nice badguys. I've even gone so far as to draw up a symbol for them.

Gashikan Symbol
(splutter! <blah> you'll need to cut and paste the URL into a new window to get it to show ...)
so i geuss it kind of goes tword the cold war a little...

on one side you have a big dictartorship (more or less) which is the Third Imprium and on the other you more or less have the US which is Jullian Proctorate.

On thing that is a diferance was that they only had one war.

just and anology (I hope the was the right word)
The records don't show how many wars the Empires of Gashikan and the Julian Protectorate have waged. In some ways they have always been at war, whilst in others relations are more normal.

The relationship is somewhat like the 3I/Zhodani one, with the added flavour of immediate slavery for any Vargr that end up inside the TEG (although non-psionic humans may regard their treatement by the Zhodani as effective slavery).

The TEG is like the USSR in that it is failing economically and the original anti-Vargr fervor has been replaced by a default bias that is rarely ever questioned.

In campaigns I've run the main problems for players has been the failure of the TEG, resulting in pocket empires being created that often want to wage war on their former comrades and enemies alike, often with ex-TEG war machinery.