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Judges Guild Ley?


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I recently acquired something called "Simba Safari," published by Judges Guild and set in Ley Sector - which looks nothing like the QLI Ley Sector. What gives?
THe Old judges Guild LEy sector and all the other sectors in the Gateway doamin were de-Canonized.
That is why new UWP's were generated or extrpolated from the old data for the Gateway source book.

The Man Behind the Curtain

I use those maps as sectors in the uncharted zones of the galaxy.

Why you might ask

Well one group had a misjump when they were hurry to leave a system one time


it was one of the old land-rents. JG didn't sign over the data for use by GDW, so GDW invalidated it.

JG's "Quadrant" is 4 sectors (2x2, and listed in no particular order):
Glimmerdrift Reaches
Crucis Margin.

This domain sized chunk is well done (for the era) save for the map, which shows only locations and routes. Comparable detail to Sup 3.

*I* like them. *I* was mad when Atlas decanonized all of them (but replaced only 2 of them).

I wish we had the mandanin codominion in the OTU.....