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ISS Endeavor in the Gateway Domain seeks players


SOC-14 1K
Starship Endeavor is set in 998 starting off from Annapabar during the Solomani Rim War.

T20 is the rules system used (with some house rules including martial arts styles and for online play) but knowledge of T20 is not required. Emphasis is on in character roleplay and in character journal/log keeping is rewarded with XP. Game sessions are normally played on a IRC channel on the same server as Travellerrpg’s LoneStar chatroom on Thursday nights.

from the group website

‘The ISS Endeavor is a 5000 displacement ton armed research vessel assigned to the Gateway domain under a joint venture between Geschichtkreis Sternschiffbau AG, the Imperial Interstellar Scout Service, and the University of Annapabar. I would tell you that our mission was one of peaceful exploration, but with the current war I’m afraid that such would be somewhat misleading.

The Endeavor is a mobile research platform capable of a wide variety of studies, to include geological survey, biochemistry, biological survey, cultural survey, astrophysics and other phenomena. We are under contract to support GSbAG's numerous research facilities in the area, and also to conduct general research for the Scout service. Our mission profile includes locating resources for exploitation, identifying potential markets for new products, and general scientific research. In short: to follow our curiosity and find ways to make it profitable. Our vessel also makes routine visits each of the company’s research facilities in the area on a semi-regular basis.

I, as you may have already guessed, am the ship’s computer… a Midakaruun CyberSystems Model 7/a Advanced Bi-modal Computational System, or ABiCus. You may address me as Abbi. If I can be of any assistance during your stay aboard, please do not hesitate to ask.’

Interested sophonts can either post a reply here, message me or Darth Sillyus (the GM) through CotI, or apply to join on the group website . We still have room for some scientist types and ships crew/ bridge crew but new players are not restricted to those positions.

Thank you,
Casey/ Brown Fox, The Skythian/ Asu / etc.
The game is "loosely canon", and does adjust a few items to tweak the flavor of the game just a bit. (Computer tech is a bit lower on the scale, and we have our own interpretation of some things).

Incidentally, a few of the old Ursula crew are among the players. We're looking for two to three more if any are interested.


Endeavor still has openings for one or two players.

Grunt types, ship crew, aliens, circus acrobats- no wait we already have *ONE* too many of those (the high shrill sound of WEI from around the corner), ex-barbarians- well maybe but two on board might wreck the ship up ;) , reporters- no don't see any of those around <innocent look> as examples. :cool:

We're getting ready to leave the Domain capitol Annapabar soon but still have some jumps before we leave Imperium Space behind. Not that a PC can't join outside of Imperium Space.

Steward Casey
Update: Starship Endeavor is currently full.

If an opening becomes available a post to that effect will be made.