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any good? I'm looking for a list of what this program can do and how bad (if any) are the bugs? I've heard you can put on maps (deckplans?) and actually have charactors moving around on the screen (like you would on a table). Also, how many people actually use it? I'm pretty hard up for finding a group out here that actually likes hard core sci-fi and takes regular baths. (keen sense of smell and all...) I wouldn't mind running a game a few hours a week if I could get a hold of a good program for doing this.

Thanks in advance,

I'm a bit biased (I wrote it) so won't comment other than to say we ran a 3 year Traveller campaign playing once a week using GRIP. It was a blast and stopped only because I didn't have the time to play while working on T20.

It's not bad. It does the job, but there are some improvements to be made I believe. Also we have found it has a few stability issues, it tends to crash at times when you are sending files to players or looking at their character sheets so we send files via ICQ and I just keep a separate copy of the character sheets for my reference.
But it does have some nice features and if you can put up with some bizarre error messages appearing on the player modules at times then it is good.