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IRC Chat Special

From TML
Freelance Traveller has organized a chat to take place on OCTOBER 8,
2005 at 7PM (19:00) US Eastern Daylight Time (23:00 UTC). The topic
will be "Writing for Publication", with David Morgan-Mar (author of
Transhuman Space: Under Pressure), Andrew Bernstein (Editor of
Polymancer magazine), and Martin J. Dougherty (Line Editor for
Traveller20 for QuickLink Interactive) as guest speakers. Other guest
speakers may be added between now and chat time.

If you are using an IRC client such as mIRC or xchat, connect to
#Traveller on the Undernet network (server irc.undernet.org,
eu.undernet.org, us.undernet.org, or one of the servers listed at
http://www.undernet.org/servers.php and port 6667) OR connect to
#LoneStar on the Psionics-Anlarye network (server chat.psionics.net and
port 6667)

Javachat browser applets are available. You can connect to #Traveller
via the Undernet webchat at http://www.undernet.org/webchat.php - fill
in the information requested; use "#Traveller" (no quotes) for "Your
Favorite Channel", and set the dropdown called "Channel" to "Another

You can connect to #LoneStar via the dedicated Psionics.net webchat at
http://www.psionics.net/chat/traveller.html - fill in the requested
information and click the CONNECT button.

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Jeff Zeitlin, Editor
Freelance Traveller
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Will a transcipt be made available for those (myself included) who will miss it? (work :( )