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Introducing... The Mourse

Greetings Freinds,
Dr. Gwerf, Vargr Academic here, posting an outline of one of my early (ruf) genetic husbandry projects. this one is my personal favorite, and was generated 20 years ago. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you...

The Mourse (plural is Mourse) is a genetically constructed crossbreed, first generated at Thamber in the Solomani Rim by the vargr xenobiologist, Dr. Gwerf in 978. The Mourse is a mammalian quadroped, roughly 2.5 meters in height. Its four legs terminate in small semi opposable claw feet, with a hoof-like hard callous material on the palms. Its mouse-like tail is the only part of it not covered by a fine gray fur.
The Mourse was generated to fulfill a need in frontier agricultural installations for an omnivorous labor and transportation animal. It combines the speed, size and strength of a terran horse, with the adaptability, diet, and breeding capacity of a terran mouse. Mourse have been exported to many sectors.
Mourse are able to eat almost any food source, but particularly relish seeds and grains, in addition to a type of curd diary byproduct, called Gimasho, which can be obtained cheaply from high capacity cheese-making enterprises.
Mourse have litters of up to 6, and gestate in about a year. They typically make a crater like nest in soft earth to birth their young. Steps must be taken to keep Mourse from breeding out of control, usually a non-permanent IUD is used to this end. There have been instances when Mourse escape or are abandoned, and they are capable of causing major environmental damage if left unchecked.
Mourse have distinctive vocalizations, “Squinnying or Squeighing”, as their keepers have named the sounds. They are excellent mounts, and of docile temperament, only slightly less skittish than a horse. They are also easily trainable. Some Mourse are even being bred and trained for racing purposes.

Mourse: Large (kg) Omnivore/Gatherer; Init +2; Attack 6+; Flee 6+; Speed 24m; AC 14; AR 1 (hide/fur); St/Lb 30/15; Atk +2 (claw 1d4+2) Atk + 4 (bite 1d6+2); Fort +6, Ref +6, Will +2; Str 13, Dex 14, Con 15, Int 3, Wis 14, Cha 12
Skills: Listen +8, Spot +6, Climb +2
Feats: None
Special Abilities: Darkvision, Scent
Climate/Terrain: Almost Any
Organization: Family Groups of 8-24 from one mated pair.

See its Image of this fine animal at the Sidur Haski Design Consortium at the link Below

Excellancy, apparently Acadamician Gwerf is, like myself, also a student of Early Solomani Speculative Fiction...

Sterling Lanier came up up with a "morse" in his "Hiero's Journey" and "The Unforsaken Hiero" books... it's just that his morse is a domesticated, saddle-bred war-moose! In post-Apocalypse Canada! Anybody else got this Dudley Do Right vision right now??? :confused: :eek:

"I'll save you, Nell!"

Pray the Solomani never try to uplift these!

"A Mourse is a Mourse,
of course, of course,
and no one can talk to a Mourse, of course..."
Don't have to worry about uplifiting these things to sentience just to communicate with them, everyone knows they communicate using Mourse Code!
;) :D