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Interstellar Patrol stories

Uncle Bob

SOC-14 1K
They have just printed the first volume of Christopher Anvil stories set in his "Interstellar Patrol" universe, titled Interstellar Patrol. Not exactly the Traveller universe, but a lot of compatable ideas. I really enjoyed them as a teenager back in the 1960-70s. Not quite as funny as Laumer's Reteif stories, but much the same feel.

Anvil's Federation had the military Space Force, the Planetary Development Authority bureaucrats, the loners of the Stellar Scouts, ruthless businessmen like Nels Krojac, and merchant spacers like Roberts, Hammel, and Morrisey. Aliens included the weasel-like Stath, the Crustacians and the Ursoids, but they will mostly be in Volume III, I think.

The IP are a little different. Think of Delta Force, or better the SAS, mixed with the Texas Rangers and with a 1-3 TL edge on the Space Force.