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Ine Givar presence.


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For my CT Ine Givar campaign I am thinking of a UIGP (Universal Ine Givar Profile) that can remind me of the situation on any given world.

Six attributes:
Popular Support
Suppression Severity

It should be connected to Law Level and Government type in an easy way that can be modified

for Gov types
0, 1, 3, 6, 7, 9, B, D
Popular support, Org, and Suppression is increased

For Gov types
2, 5,8, A and C
Support is less and Organization may be less sophisticated

As law level increases Suppression Severity and Fanaticism could increase. Keep in mind in this campaign the Imperium is a big corrupt and impersonal thing-beast like the Alliance in Firefly. To the PCs the IG are revolutionaries looking to overthrow a corrupt regime one world at a time.

Any thoughts?
Too many numbers dominate this game already. While I do like Dalton's profiles, we don't need more numbers to describe what can put into a paragraph of library data.

Too much shorthand can be a bad thing. For instance take High Guard, who could memorize the entire USP? Adding layers of numbers also distracts the Referee from improvising upon a sitution. All to often I have been in a game where the Referee is some anal retentative individual that does not realize that only size, atmosphere and hydrosphere are constants EVERYTHING ELSE is subject to change and negociation. Heck, even in the Black War milieu that I once Ref'd, I would have atmosphere and hydrographics change as factions destroyed terraforming devices. Nothing throws players for a loop than the unknown. So, even as Referee heuristic, I would caution you against going further down the road of a profile concentrate on building the story behind the faction to show how it is composed of multiple tendencies. Take the Trot movement as your starting point for the Ine Givar and then fashion what became of the Maoists, then you have an interesting storyline with a Real World comparison to base it upon.
I do agree about the numbers part., I had not planned on another string of numbers. Just a little stat block on the ref’s sheet to remind me of what the situation is like. Just looking to bound some ideas off the folks here. Our evil empire/freedom fighters world is a homebrew and sometimes I don’t have the time for a full write up. Just though it would make good shorthand.
My suggestion:
1) Popular Support: 0-A, with 0 being 0%-9% of the population supporting the Ine Givar section, 1 being 10%-19% and so on.

2) Section Size: Theoretically 0-A, in reality typically 0-3 and rarely more than 4; read as populatiion/HG Crew, that is as an exponent: 1 means that the section has 10-99 members, 2 means 100-999 and so on.

3) Organizational Style: similar to the UWP government, but 0-A.
0 None/No Leadership
1 Decentralized Network
2 Direct Democracy (i.e. all members vote on everything)
3 Ruling Clique with a network around it
4 Simple Representative Democracy (i.e. run by a single elected comitee)
5 Complex Representative Democracy (i.e. several elected party institutions)
6 Subsection (i.e. part of another world's section)
7 Factionalism (i.e. more than one Ine Givar Section; competing)
8 Buraeucracy (i.e. run by careerist party "upper crust")
9 Military Organization
A Cult of Personality

4) Resources: 0-A (but typically 3-6), in credits exponent, i.e. 0 being Cr0-Cr9, 1 being Cr10-Cr99 and so on. Typically resources are mostly in equipment and not in ready cash.

5) Primary Activity Style: 0-A
0 No Activity
1 Street Agitation
2 Advanced Propaganda (i.e. media channel hijacks, adbusting)
3 Legitimate Politics (i.e. running for parliament)
4 Labour Organization (i.e. trade union work)
5 Demonstrations and Ralleys
6 Non-Violent Underground Activity
7 Sabotage (attempts made to minimize sophont casualties [sp?])
8 Terrorism
9 Guerilla
A Open Rebellion

6) Opression Level: Law Level+2, unless otherwise specified. Treat as law level in Ine Givar related matters.
I am going to add to my ref file a rating of how the population feels about Imperial rule.
5 Below 50% serious resistance begins to form
9 90% support
A Fanatically devoted
Of course anti-imperial does not mean pro IG. It will just serve as an index that only I will see to help create consistent encounters with the locals.
By the way, what area of the Imperium are you thinking about using as your campaign setting?
I developed my own frontier sector called the Calvian Sector. It is a frontier region that seems to have most of the major powers represented. Never mind how they got there they are just there. It is kind of a proto-Traveller setting.

Anyway I had two groups running at the same time working on two different campaigns in the same region. The Ine Givar agents are former naval officers blamed for a debacle that was the fault of a nobleman’s son. A show trial results and they are sent up the stars for life at the Blackwell Imperial Prison on the planet of Dis, a harsh mining colony. There they are recruited by the IG because of their skills and adventure results. Their first mission (from a laundry list of missions) was to build a cell and do something.

Well . . .They see themselves as “good guys” so they decide to attack the local naval supply depot at the starport and minimize civilian casualties With a garbage truck, bribes and their knowledge of procedures they manage to blow up a naval hydrogen storage tank to great effect and “get the word out”. Now they are on a desert world investigating what S-3 is doing building a base in the middle of nowhere. They don’t have their own ship and tend to spend time dirtside organizing and planning progressively bigger raids.

The entire campaign revolves around this underground organization so I really need to flesh it out to make it seem real.
What is the actual extent of the Ine Givar movement? Spinward Marches sector only?

Or have they infiltrated the Core sector, Vland and the Solomani Rim as well?
What is the actual extent of the Ine Givar movement? Spinward Marches sector only?
Or have they infiltrated the Core sector, Vland and the Solomani Rim as well?
Like I said we are playing in a homebrew sector.
Their movement is more or less local to their sector.

There are other movements in other parts of the Imperium as well. This Imperium is the pre-rebellion Imperium populated by decadent and sometimes absentee lords, unresponsive and corrupt officials. Some local authorities are favored with navy bases, research stations and other pork barrel stuff. Other planets are mined for money and resources. For many non-capital worlds the Imperium is a yoke but one that is manageable because of the local autonomy policy.
Originally posted by Maladominus:
What is the actual extent of the Ine Givar movement? Spinward Marches sector only?

Or have they infiltrated the Core sector, Vland and the Solomani Rim as well?
In my OTU variant the "original" Ine Givar, that is the Zhodani-funded anti-Imperial terrorist group, was mostly a Spinward Marches phenomena; however, several other resistance and/or guerilla groups have taken up that name, though they are rarely related to either the original Ine Givar or the Zhodani Consulate. Several of these factions have evolved into Solidariti, an anti Imperial/anti SolConfed resistance group active mostly in the rimward areas of the Imperium. Solidariti rarely deals with terrorism but in popular agitation, organization and anti-fascist (i.e. against the "hardliner" SolParty faction/Superioriti) activity. Eventually, in the wake of the Palace Revolution (i.e. MT Rebellion) and the Hard Times that followed it, they will take part (togather with the pan-sophonist splinter wing of the SolParty and an ecologial/religious group called the Daughters of Gaia) in the Gaian Revolution which will establish the Unity of Gaia. Other Ine Givar groups have taken more terrorist and guerilla methods; some of these would play a major role in the Illelish Civil War of 1130-1151.