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In the market for good dice


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Well, this weekend's convention provide it...I need good dice. Kept rolling 2,4,5 and the occasional 18, 20 on a d20 and always on the low end for percentile...what are the good dice manufactures out there as I haven't bought dice since the 1980s. Need something with clear plastic (don't care about other fancy materials) with clear readable numbers and that are affordable, large enough so they won't get lost.
Can't believe that I was luckier in my youth...although that theory has merit. I seem to recall an article though that indicated the average rolls on d20 are in order 12,14, 17 and a d10 6,7,8 due to their construction and here was I thinking it was the age of the dice...afterall back in the 80s, I gamed with people would chew dice...when they were on a wierd trip...the bite marks remain...
I recommend Chessex's "Jumbo" Series. They have a nice finish, good size and weight and no noticable delineation of rolling. They are Opaque, and I have a White, Red, and Black set.

Also, get yourself a big (55mm) D20. No chance of Misreading, and an impressive Conversation Piece.
Deadly sling projectile too...


These people also sell Traveller Dice! (Which Rule)

Some clear dice are cool, but lots (especially older ones) have a lot of casting imperfections. I like hard Opaques with blunt edges. they seem to be more constant
I'd also add Stealth Brothers to the list (though their website is a little flakey). I bought a load of metal d6 from them at last years Gencon UK and they are nice. The "1/4 Pounder" jumbo d20 brushed steel is also pretty awe inspiring.

Regards PLST
Ummm, metal d6?! :eek: Y'all don't have quiet battles do you?
Originally posted by Fritz88:
Ummm, metal d6?! :eek: Y'all don't have quiet battles do you?
They do have a good penetration value against the side of a pint glass ... and you may wish to laminate some of your gaming books.

Regards PLST
Ok, we have established some of the good brands out there. How about cheap?

And, my Good Baron, could you provide the direct link to where Advancing Hordes sell Traveller dice as I couldn't find it when I went on their website.
No, I need something more solid than paper. Again this an area where I think even if I find something Transporation costs is what is going to kill me...
Well, Kafka, there are always Play-Doh dice: assemble those paper dice to make forms for the play-doh, then let it dry, then marker them...
You guys really crack me up...first, paper...now play-doh next fast setting molds. No, I was wondering if there is something like a bulk dice outlet or anyone maybe close to a manufacturer that would be able to choose from a rejects pile (that somehow always roll a perfect 20
;) :D
If you come up with originals, I pour some silicone molds and do some pewter or resin dice for you - we can even dye the resin so that we can have black resin with red pips.