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Imperium counters?


My memory may be futzing with me here, but some time back didn't FFE have the original Imperium counters available for download? If so, can someone point me where or otherwise e-mail me a copy? I'm starting work on stuff for the IW line and the art guide keeps referencing them. I coulda' sworn I had the download saved somewhere, but I'm not finding it...

THERE they are! Thanks, you rock

Hey, WOW, Jesse DeGraff! Welcome aboard :D

Never realized you weren't already hanging around here. I was looking for your art site just a couple days ago and it was "Under Re-Construction", any idea when you might have time to put it back together? I did manage to find a back door in for a little nostalgic trip through your Traveller gallery so it was ok, just kind of wondering is all.
Actually, I think I *DID* have a log-in in here, but I was so in-active it got dropped. <shrug>. Yeah, the main site (VFS), is STILL not completed, but my traveller page will always (now that the domain's changed ;) )be here:

With work on IW now starting, you can expect some updates there in the near future. Finally, some would say ;)