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Imperial Moot

I am trying to subscribe but I am unable to do so. Everytime I go to subscribe, I get the message "You must be logged in to CotI". So I log in and try again and guess what? It happens again. It's a never ending loop. HELP!!!!!!! :(
I can't recall for sure if someone found a workaround to this a while back or not. The website is pretty much a one man show, and that man is currently busy with some real world issues (see the Home page) so it may be a while before this and other concerns are dealt with. I am confident all issues will be dealt with, just not soon. Sorry, that's not much help, and it's a shame that you want to subscribe and can't.

Oh, posting this in the "CotI Website Issues" forum might be the better place to be noticed when Hunter does come back.

It just might be that Hunter had the idea to shut down the subscription feature until he can deal with the problems with it, and this is the reason you can't get in to purchase one. He might rather have people not able to subscribe until he can make it work.