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IISS Ship Files enigma


I have a supplement by Games Workshop by the Name of IISS Ship Files. This an "Approved For Use with Traveller" LBB sized booklet from 1981. It details 6 different ships with deckplans and stats.

And my quetion is: On page 8 there is an image that is labeled "Example Deck Plan Showing Standard Naval Architecure Symbols". The image is a plan for ship that does not appear in the book. I have not seen this ship anywhere. Does anyone know where and what this ship is? Are the plans and stats for this ship published anywhere?

The image, which I will post if anyone is interested, looks to be one deck of medium sized trader of some sort, Aslan? The ship is roughly manta shaped, wide at the front narrowing to the rear.
There do not not appear to be any turrets, but they could be on one of the other decks that are not shown. There is a large cargo bay on one side that is marked as if it extends through to the deck below. It has an air raft bay and modest Jump and Manoeuvre (this is the spelling shown) drives.
Paul Schirf might be a good one to google. IIRC, he has a lot of deckplans on his site. There may have been someone who has done up one by now - google up "Traveller + Deckplans" and have fun!
Thanks for the replies. Here is a bad image of the vessel in question.


It's curious, there seems to be a small bridge with three chairs and three computer consoles. But there are no staterooms, or at least any obvious stateroom on this deck?
The hold on the left is marked as if it opens to a deck below, it says "No floor". The strip running down the center has a bulkhead on either side and is marked "Ramp (angle points up)". On the right there is a stair that comes up, it must come from the area under the "No Floor" area on the left. And another stair goes up to the right. The dotted line is marked "Line of Floor Over".

The credits for the book read:
IISS Ship Files was designed by Bob McWilliams.
IISS Ship Files was produced and edited by Albie Fiore and Andy Slack.
Ship plans by Albie Fiore; ship perspectives by Peter Lowe

This is not the greatest image, if anyone is interested I'll try to connect the scanner and post a better image.

Maybe no one know, and I will have to finish this one myself...
Here's a piece of meaning-less trivia, IISS ship files was the first Traveller item I ever bought, about six months before a friend bought the Traveller set and we played it for the first time.
I was into spacships and found this neat book with deck plans...

back to the topic.

I can not remember ever seeing stats for the ship in question. If you count the squares on the deck plan and divide by 2 you get an approximate tonnage for the deck shown. A similar method will get you the drive ratings, but again, approximately only.

There may have been stats for it in an early White Dwarf magazine, but mine are in the loft, at my parents house no less, and so I can't check at the moment.
That sounds like a good tip! Too bad the library doesn't subscribe to White Dwarf!

Yeah, this is a great book! I really like the deckplans that are in the book. Especially the Vargr Tradeboat. The interior is very maze like and extends across 7 decks (A-g). Pretty extensive for a 400 ton ship.

I had been trying to complete my collection of Traveller stuff in the mid nineties and got this book in a lot of other things that I wanted, it has turned out to be one of my favorite finds!
I'm pretty sure that the example deck plan was just made up to illustrate the standard deck plan symbols, and is not supposed to be a "real" ship at all.
I'm sure our virushi is right.
(I never argue with anything that large and solid)

Point being, it is only one deck. Neat looking, but you'd need to work some to put together the rest of a ship. Maybe Mr. Schirf or one of the 'deckplan talented' would help out...
Looking at the deck plan in question the cargo hold is double height and about 54-60t in size.
The lifts suggest at least one more deck, probably two because the fuel tank has no floor and is probably triple height for a fuel tankage of 60-80t.
The deck shown is ~144t, if we assume two or three more decks then it's a 300-400t ship.
The maneuver drive is ~7t - type D for a g rating of 2.
The power plant is ~ 13t - also type D for a rating of 2 (requires 20t of fuel).
The jump drive could be B, giving jump 1, 40t of fuel required, or it could extend over a couple of decks and be a D for jump 2. There would need to be more fuel somewhere though.
The computer is ~2t for a model 2, which would support the jump 2 version.
It could have been done as sample deck. It does seem to have one of everything. I keep thinking there might have been a deck in the book that could have been used, without having to make up a new one. I guess I'm lazy by nature.

To me the ship looks Aslan because of the curved hull. It definitely has the look of a trading ship.
Here's a stab at a LBB2 version (since all the ships in IISS ship files were designed with LBB2):

Using a 400t hull , the McWilliams class Merchant Explorer is built to find trading opportunities off the jump 1 mains. It has jump drive-D, maneuver drive-D, and power plant-D, giving jump 2 and 2g acceleration. Fuel tankage of 100t supports the power plant and allows one jump 2.
Adjacent to the bridge is a model 2 computer. There are ten crew staterooms, twelve passenger staterooms, and ten low berths.
There are four hardpoints and four tons set aside for fire control. There is a triple beam laser turret for each hardpoint.
The ship carries an air/raft and two 40t pinnaces. Cargo capacity is 64t, plus whatever is carried by the pinnaces. The hull is streamlined.
The Merchant Explorer requires a crew of ten: pilot, navigator, two engineers, a medic, a steward, and four gunners.
The ship, including weapons and vehicles, costs 170.4MCr, and takes 14 months to build.

Anyone care to design the other two decks??? ;)
I did not think it was a deck plan for a ship at all. I thought it was just done to show what the various symbols looked like on a plan.