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IISS anaylists


What is not mentioned is how they solve the problem of analysis in the future. Even in the twentieth century there is an incredible backlog of intelligence-the forest gets lost for the trees. That is why after every crisis someone says that "they knew but didn't listen". The intelligence that someone "knew" gets coffee spilled on it, or something and no one hears about it because they are busy with something else.
There would of course be powerful computers but only the Zhos could design a computer capable of reading minds, and I doubt even they could from fifty jumps away. Therefore there still has to be people trained in the craft of interpreting data. And the craft would have to be improved quite a bit for the Imperium to function. Of course the computers by that time at least won't give you "baseball" when you want "Vargr Corsair Base"
...and vastly improved image recognition software. And there darn well should be some AI too (or a least neural net processors). And higher resolution satellites. And, presumably, more competent intelligence services than we have now