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ideas for articles


I'm currently writing a mock 'national geographic'for the year 2299 for my group of players. I have in the last few weeks created the first 10 pages but am looking for ideas for new articles....any ideas?
Here are a few off the top of my head:

The Microjacks - a survey of the rough and tumble guys on Tanstaafl who maintain the microwave communication towers between cities (recall the magnetic fields make communication via satellite impossible on Aurore)

Back Through Quarantine - what people do during the four-day (or whatever) OQC hold.

Keeping the Past on Earth - As humanity has moved to the stars, they bring a lot of their past with them. But what happens when a one-of-a-kind artifact gets taken off Earth, being too fragile to survive OQC, can it come back?

[I ran an -excellent- adventure based on this last point where the PCs tried to track down a copy of the 42-line Gutenberg Bible in its sealed quarartine box which was making its way down the French Arm toward Beowulf toward the private library of hereditary Earl]
great ideas! Already my mind is moving faster than my word speed! Send me your e-mail and I'll try and send you a JPEG of a couple of sample pages.
Feel free to email me at lloyd.a (at) attbi.com

(excuse the spaces, but I'd like to avoid spambots)

I'd be happy to draft up a little something if I can find my notes from my adventure "Moveable Type"
Just grab a National Geographic at whip something up (this, the beginning of an article on restoring important historical documents):

Two Monarchs, a Thousand Years Apart, signed the same document.

King John, in 1215, signed the Magna Carta to preserve his Crown. Having lost the Battle of Runnymead and nearly his life, he was left with little choice. Queen Alice, in 2215, his great-to-the-twenty-eighth grand-daughter, intended to sign a proclamation noting the importance of the Magna Carta to free people everywhere and to open a new wing of the British Museum built to house this, the genesis of limited government.

The schedule called for Queen Alice to herself carry the newly restored Magna Carta - the only original copy to have survived the Third World War - to the new case. The Prince of Wales, himself nearly seventy-five, handed her the wrong document and, before a librarian could stop her, she signed directly below King John’s painstakingly restored signature.

After five minutes of on-air panic, the Queen - three days short of her one hundredth birthday - pushed her way out of the crowd of archivist and approached the microphone.

“I understand I have signed the original Magna Carta by accident and have caused a great deal of trouble. But the librarians have assured me that this terrible mistake on my part can be corrected.” The archivists knew that the same nano-technology that was used to strip out a thousand years of soot and fallout could be used to erase her mistake. With a smile on her face, but her gazed fixed on Sir John Smith (who was shortly indicted of exortion), her fifth Prime Minister in as many months, she continued. “I note, however, that since my government is apparently as honest as a Turkish rug merchant, I will ask them to erase King John’s signature as well, so I can dissolve Parliament once and for all.”
Rodina-hysterical history, me and my mum chuckled heartily at this concept,very in depth history.

Truth is always stranger than fiction,and people as a whole are quite stupid especially when on "cruise control"