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I need some help...

Okay, I left myself wide open with that one - no, I am not refering to mental help. At least, not exclusively.

I have been out of touch with the folks I used to game with for some time now, and do not know how to get back in touch with them. Thus, I have been trying to start a new group - especially since T20 was released.

Right now, I have only one player, and one possible addition for later. Contacts here, and through my FLGS have been slow to provide results.

I need some adventure ideas that could be run for one player. I am afraid that too much NPC involvement, to provide the sole PC with some sort of "backup" will lead my player to feel as though his character is on a leash, but no one character can usually have all the skills and feats needed in a standard adventure.
I would suggest having the player run a Scout character. They seem to be the best suited to handle being on their own.

You could run exploration-type adventures in a border region or relatively unexplored region. Throw in some courier duties as a change of pace, or update existing world profile data on some fringe systems, especially the cultural data.

Also you could run espionage-type missions during wartime, or as a prelude to an expected war. Or an ex-Scout doing corporate espionage.

The Rogue and/or Traveller classes also provide a good variety of skills, and could be used for espionage-type adventures, especially for corporations. Although these sort of characters might be lacking in necessary spaceship skills.

I hope this helps and gives you some ideas. Good luck.
I agree with the "Scout" idea -- especially if your player prefers to be more "honest" in his dealings with the Traveller Universe.

Another option is the Free Trader. According to the rules, a 200-dton trader doesn't need an astrogator, and might not even need an engineer. Basically a Pilot and a Steward are all that's really necessary. The steward could have medic-0 and the player could have engineering-0, just in case.

A benefit of having one NPC is that the referee has a way to feed information to the player if necessary. The steward might be local to the current trade route, and therefore the PC need not know the subsector very well ahead of time.

As for adventures, I'd go with the Shadows/Gamma Station/Twilight's Peak trilogy. A classic.