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I can;t find the to hit mod for Pulse Lasers


I've looked and I can;t find the mod.

Pulse lasers take up less power and are cheaper than te equivalent beam laser (both shipboard and vehicle mounted)

When on a ship, pulse lasers have a longer range, on a vehicle, they are the same.

I was sure that pulse lasers used to be harder to hit with - but I can't find the mod.

(Justification - a pulse laser has it's power in a single pulse - with a beam laser you can "swipe" at the target)
since is says it is purely a offensive weapon I take it that it cant be used as a defensive weapon
unless you use it offensively against a missile?

I thought the way that it used to work was that beam lasers got a to hit bonus - so they were more effective against small targets (ie the damage mod is irrelevant - they both do enough to destroy a missile)

For Vehicle weapons, it's worse because they are both used offensively and there is no redeaming feature for beam lasers. No reason to buy or build them.
On a ship, if you are only going to put in one laser, then make it a pulse laser. But when you pile them up in a battery beam lasers are eventually better, their USP goes up with fewer numbers of weapons. So I'd see Pulse lasers as perfect for fighters and other small craft. Beam lasers batteries would be on larger warships.

The other poster was right about vehicles though. Only a complete schumck would put a Heavy Beam laser on his grav tank when he could get a Pulse Laser for half price.
And yet people are still producing beam lasers - There must be a reason - I think I will be giving pulse lasers -2 to hit accross the board.