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How to integrate MTU with OTU??


I recently started a t20 campaign and the action is taking place in a sector generated with Heaven & Earth. At some point I may want to drop my players in the OTU version of known space. Is there anywhere within the OTU galaxy that I can put a non-standard sector? Also, if this topic has already been addressed, could someone post a pointer to it? Thanks
Depends where your sector is and what's in it (aliens, political boundaries, etc). Though obviously, you could easily just drop your sector in wherever you like and say "this is my take on that sector". and keep everything in the sectors around it and elsewhere as described in the official universe.
Zarushagar and Foreven have traditionally been lft aside as a referee's presevere, in that very little stats or details have been published for them. Although several traveller fanzines managed to publish quite a lot for Foreven sector not all of it has become 'canon'

I remember that challenge magazine published details on the 'Duchy of Oasis' A TNE pocket empire setting that covered Wolf and Oasis subsectors of Zarushagar (Subsectors K & L respectively - so I assume this is now canon other than that not much has been put out there regarding Zarushagar). So it might be easiest to try and integrate your material there...
MTU is set in the Theron sector...waay the hell out in the boonies. Aslan across the rift, Zhodani coreward, uncharted space to spinward, and the Imperium and the Solomani trailing.
Makes for a hell of a trek to get anywhere "official", and next to herculian to get someplace where published adventures are set.
Again, the OTU is just too damned vast and well-defined for my tastes.
Yeah, but if you want it to fit into the OTU, you'd have to keep in mind what's going on in the surrounding sectors. For example, Far Frontiers appears to be half Zhodani and half independent (probably Zho-friendly) client states, and the Imperium is two sectors to spinward. So your setting can't include any significant Imperial presence. Theron is similarly smack-bang in the middle of the Great Rift, so probably doesn't have that many systems in it (and they'd be fairly widely spread apart). And so on.

Of course, you could ignore all the above restrictions, but then you wouldn't be integrating your TU into the OTU if you did that (not that this makes in any less valid or playable, of course).