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how many drop capsules..

Hi. Been looking everywhere for info on drop capsules and sizes of launchers for them etc.

I have a 1,000 dt ship which has most of the lower level a landing/cargo area. I want to carry some light one man fighters and some drop caps with their launcher. How many could I accommodate? Sorry I don't have any more info on the ship available right now - it's at home and that's the other side of the States. :(

Oh, and the people in the drop caps are wearing 500 lb battle armor - will a .5dt drop cap be big enough for them?
As usual it's for a novel so forget considerations of cost etc. They've cannibalised another ship for parts etc and mounted the necessary in this ship.

Fighters don't need to be in launchers - I have 25 at my disposal plus two 800dt ships I can put some in if necessary...

Thanks for any advice. ;)
Striker Bk 3 has the rules for DC's and DCL's... in the Games reprint.
GURPS Traveller Starships includes drop capsules, capsule racks, launchers, and battledress ready rooms ("morgues").
Sorry, don't have either book. Got Basic GURPS Traveller, and Scouts and Spaceports, but not Starships.

Anyone care to give me at least some rough figures, pretty please? ;)
Drop capsule rack (up to 16 ready capsules)= 1dt
Drop capsule launcher= 1dt
Battledress ready room (20 suits)= 1dt

For costs and weights - see the book ;)

Seriously, GT:Starships is packed with useful options for CT/HG/T20 ship designers IMHO, it's well worth the cover price
Sigg, you realize that that ready room is packing people in like cordwood?

Realisically, it should be half as many suits if they are anything other than stored suits... Humans, while taking up between 50 and 200 L, need a volume of at least 0.25 cumets, and for ability to move, double that; to move safely, 1 cumet per person.

Striker says (rule 77 - Jump Troops, page 43):
Launcher: 1 Dt, KCr10, holds 1 capsule, 1 launch per 30 sec
Ready rack: 1/2 Td per capsule, KCr 1, can be fed to launcher at the launch rate
Additional capsules 1/2 Td each as cargo

Basic Capsule: KCr2
Assault Capsule: KCr10, AV20, has ECM
High-Survivability Capsule: KCr50, AV28, strong ECM and Decoy (inflatable?) Dummy Capsules.
Thanks, guys. Now I know, I will find the book in question. Is there one that details tghe weapons and their damage in realistic ternm=ms at all? I do have basic black GURPS Traveller book but not with me right now.

I'm trying to work out how dangerous 2 large lasers on a fixed laser turret would be. Sounds simpler than it really is...but knowing they do, for instance, Medium damage, or 3 d6 damage, doesn't really tell me a lot in real terms... ;)
Well. that av 20 = 5.95 cm of steel
AV 28 = 13.0 cm.

I've always assumed an AV 12 for the "Standard" capsules... 3cm of steel equivalent.
yet another "Munchkinization" in GT...

A person, unarmored, takes roughly 30x90x200cm, unmoving as a flat box, like say, a close fit coffin.
about 0.6 KL. those morgues, not accounting for any mmachinery, fittigs, etc, are putting people in battlesuits (which by canon ilustrations add at least 5cm in each direction, probably closer to 8cm...) in 0.7kl. Oh, and battlesuits often have backpacks...
Nods on that. In 2 old D & D books I have, Dungeoneers Wilderness Survival Handbook, and the Underground one, it says you need 2 ft width in a tunnel for a man sized person. I have assumed 4 ft in battle armor - cos I have my guys going through tunnels. ;) Might be too much, but I figured a need for manoeuvering too.

Incidentally I am trying to find any reference to the damage done by laser turrets, like how far they can fire accurately but can't find anything on RL details, just game stats.

Anyone here know of any way to find that out?