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How many Canadian residents are there on the boards?

So where do you live?

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Simple question and maybe it was done before but I'm not seeing it. I'm trying to get a quick idea of the level of Canadian interest in Traveller for a potential business venture. Just go to the poll and click "Canada".

No prejudice is implied, and in case any is felt, and to make the poll of interest and possible use to others I've included a few other countries too. Naturally I couldn't include them all. If I missed yours just post where you live below.

Thanks all!
I live in Vancouver B.C. and when the Lions play the Roughriders it's a sea of green out here ;)

Well, I'm not sure I count as a 'resident' but I've been here for two and a half years near Victoria, B.C.
Erg. I've only been in Canada, um, my whole life. Most of that has been spent in Alberta, to top it all off.

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Umm...does Toronto count as Canada? ROC usually wants us to separate. But, yes, I consider Canada my home for now...till I can get a sabactical and work in the UK or US for a year.

Lived in quite a few European countries and Australia for six months. So pretty well, home is the globe.
That's a very bizarre statement.

Many americans and brits and french and germans and swedes love scifi - would you feel at home in those countries too? Canada isn't a nation where everyone is a scifi geek, you know ;) .
Lynn, which is in Massachusetts, which as everyone knows is in the U.S.

Wow, five people said that they're in Japan!
Originally posted by thrash:
The title of this thread is going to skew the results of the poll, I'm afraid. I know I had not been paying it any attention because I'm not Canadian.
Just to be clear it was skewed thusly on purpose, designed to attempt to attact Canadian responses. Other respondents were an afterthought, and not that well thought out.

Worse though I did goof and put it in the wrong forum, so I'm not sure how valid the results are for that reason.

However I think I'll let it run a little longer, take the data for what it's worth and delete the thread. It won't be much help to anyone else skewed as it is

Thanks again and in advance everyone for your replies and help.
I am probably the only one that plays Traveller in Norway as a GM. The other Traveller players are my vic... ehrm players.