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How do you determine starship size modifer in T20?


all of the published Starships are Medium in size. I have been unable to find how you determine this for ships; as in what tonnages are Small, Medium, Large etc.. I found a table like that for Vehicles, but where is the Starships one? and what are the modifiers?

I found this in the Advanced Ship Combat section of the Rough Final manuscript. The vehicle version is in the T20 book but it appears the starship version may have been left out (or I am just blind);

Ship Sizes Size Category AC/Attack Modifier
1 to 9 tons Tiny +2
10-99 tons Small +1
100-999 tons Medium 0
1000-9999 tons Large -1
10,000-99,999 Huge -2
100,000-999,999 Gargantuan -4
1,000,000+ Colossal -8