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Houston, TX, USA

OK.. I have little time to play, haven't played a single RPG since I was 15 (about 17 years ago!), but for some reason I am interested again...

I am currently playing some D&D with my kids (aged 8 & 9) with some modest success, but I am just not experienced enough to be a good DM (GM, whatever)...

If there is an experienced group here in town I would try to make some time to attend (not an easy feat) just to learn and have some fun. Anyone around Houston?

The geographies of Texas being what they are, travel is not an option (Austin, the closest big town near, being 3 hours away).

-] Crow
I know what you mean about Texas geography. I'm in Temple, between Austin and Waco, and I'm limited most of the time to just the four-person group I've been playing D&D with for the past 10 years. I haven't played any Traveller since 1986.

I'm hoping with T20, I can convince my D&D group to try Traveller, since they won't have to learn a completely new game mechanic. We've played Cyberpunk before, and they liked it, so they aren't totally opposed to a science fiction RPG. We'll see.
Try checking the universities. They will have groups playing all sorts of strangness, on might be Traveller.
I remember one of the guys lately claiming to be from 500 yards from the Saturn V at the space center.
Good luck with your kids. It's a great thing to do with them.
Is there someone in THIS thread labelled Houston, TX that is IN Houston?

Where you at Stormcrow? You got a game running now? or want to be in a game?

I did a demo at Horizon games last saturday, went fairly well, only had four players, but the players seemed to enjoy themselves.
We had a Merchant pilot, a Ursa mercenary, a Vargr engineer and a Vilani rogue/pilot...