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I read an article in the paper this week about an anthropological discovery in the Indonesia area, It got me to thinking waht if the ancients took not just man, but also other species to the stars. Neandrathals for example, or the Hobbits mentioned in the article.
^Tried this one with very good results!

My players found an Ancient experiment still running where Neaderthals were bred as an alternative to Homo Sapiens Sapiens for seeding (hardier stock). They had since developed on their own. Along with them came all the prehistoric animals everyone imagines (giant sloths, mastadons, saber tooth cats) plus some nasties from "Walking with Prehistoric Animals" on Discovery/BBC (even a large bipedal primate currently found in the Pacific NW and Himalayas).

The players went back a second time to investigate the Ancient science station there to discover some very bizarre happenings still going on.

Recommend watching "Quest for Fire" or "Clan of the Cave Bear" (as hard as that will be) for some inspiration. Throw in some "Land of the Lost" for camp and "Ice Man" for modern/prehistoric human interaction. Add in any movie about native peoples reacting with conquerers/explorers like "Mountains of the Moon" or "The Mission".
this isn't what I thought it was going to be ..... I was hoping for "one meson gun to rule them all, a sector sensor to find them, a captial ship to bring them all, and a black globe generator to bind them"
Neandrathals for example, or the Hobbits mentioned in the article.
I took a hard look at Minor Humaniti at one point and decided that the Suerrat could be a transplanted human clan that had dwarfism - or that it became a genetic dominant. Having certain specimens isolated would make it easy for the Ancients to create an entire race of dwarfs or giants (gigantism is what Andre the Giant had). You could easily have all of the races of Middle Earth and/or D&D scattered throughout known space.

even a large bipedal primate currently found in the Pacific NW
I just read an article the other day that claims that there COULD be a remnant Gigantopithicus (pic of replica) group in the extremely large area of the northern Rockies (can't find the article, tho). No one has the funding (or maybe just the gumption) to take on a research project of that magnitude to find it. Gigantopithicus almost completely matches the description of most of the bigfoot sightings.


Not quite the answer, because in humans dwarfism and gigantism almost always incurs significant health problems. Joint degradation and accompanying pain are typical.

Only a few genes are known to cause dwarfism in humans. By contrast, over 150 genes cause a wide variety of dwarfism in horses, and miniature horses have been successfully bred without skeletal problems seen in human dwarfism.

The ancients would perhaps make specific genetic changes to induce a more carefully designed halfling and giant.
Designing a smaller species to go into space would have definate advantages, most specifically size. If you made space hobbits, then designed a ship for them to go into space with it could be smaller and more efficent. Imagine how much smaller you could make a bridge if designed for 3' persons. To see a real world example of this just look at airplanes. It's physicaly uncomfortable for me to shoehorn my 6'2" frame into a Lear Jet cockpit. and after I get into the seat I have to hunch to see under the glare shield. To make that comfortable for me would require a higher panel, large frontal area, more drag.

I could see sending the hobbits out on generation ships to colonize. Then when they arrive Using the Giants to tame and build a world.
Or design a race with inbuilt drug controlled developmental dwarfism and giantism.

Allows the race the ability to target the optimal size frame for the world targetted.