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Hiver "Handshake" Embassy Ships

Ship: Consul
Class: Consul
Type: Hiver Embassy Craft
Architect: Father Fletch
Tech Level: 14

USP EM-A432282-070000-60004-0 MCr 617.041 1 KTons Crew: 19 TL: 14
Bat Bear 1/1/1
Bat 1/1/1
Cargo: 201
Passengers: 15
Low: 20
Fuel: 340
EP: 56
Agility: 1
Marines: 5
Craft: 1 x 10T Life Boat, 1 x 20T Ships Launch, 1 x 30T Ships Boat, 1 x 5T Air/Raft
Fuel Treatment: Fuel Scoops and On Board Fuel Purification

Architects Fee: MCr 5.808 Cost in Quantity: MCr 500.888

Detailed Description (T20 Design)
1,000 tons standard, 14,000 cubic meters, Streamlined Close Structure Configuration (Box), 100 Structure Points
Pilot, Navigator, 5 Engineers, Steward, Medic, 3 Gunners, 2 Flight Crew, 5 Marines
Jump-3, 2G Manuever, 56 Ton Power Plant, 56 EP, Agility 1
Bridge, Model/8 Computer, Model/3 Flight Avionics, Model/8 Sensors, Model/8 Communications
10 Hardpoints
2 Triple Missile Turrets organised into 1 Battery (Factor-4)
4 Triple Beam Laser Turrets organised into 1 Battery (Factor-6)
4 Triple Sandcaster Turrets organised into 1 Battery (Factor-7)
1 10 ton Life Boat (Crew of 0, Cost of MCr 8)
1 20 ton Ships Launch (Crew of 1, Cost of MCr 12)
1 30 ton Ships Boat (Crew of 1, Cost of MCr 16)
1 5 ton Air/Raft (Crew of 0, Cost of MCr 0.275)
340 Tons Fuel (3 parsecs jump and 28 days endurance)
On Board Fuel Scoops, On Board Fuel Purification Plant
34 Staterooms, 20 Low Berths, 1 Engineering Shop, 1 Vehicle Shop, 1 Laboratory, 1 Sick Bay, 1 Autodoc, 2 Additional Airlocks, 2 Tons of Missile Magazines (holding 40 missiles)
5 High Passengers, 10 Middle Passengers, 20 Low Passengers, 193 Tons Cargo
1 Multipurpose Public Facility (8 D Tons)
MCr 586.574 Singly (incl. Architects fees of MCr 5.808), MCr 464.613 in Quantity, plus MCr 36.275 of Carried Craft (Hardpoints and Turrets charged)
120 Weeks Singly, 96 Weeks in Quantity
This craft represents a typical Hiver “Meet and Greet” or “Handshake Ceremony” embassy ship. It is designed to hold 5 “ambassadors” and their staff, in addition to their bodyguard detachment of Ithilkur Marines. They have often used Human guards from Human population planets in the Federation when the embassy needs to travel to Imperial space. The gunnery crew acts as part of the bodyguard when they are not on space duty.
The length of deployment that a “handshake” embassy goes on demands a great deal of support. The ship is outfitted with engineering, vehicle, research, and medical facilities not often found on a ship of this size to provide that same support.
With its large number of small craft the ship allows each “ambassador” to perform individual missions without stranding their fellow “ambassadors” without transportation.
Long deployments also demand lots of personal space, which the ship is well equipped for. There are also meeting rooms and a small audience hall in the accommodations allocated to the ship.
The cargo deck allows the ship to carry many spares, fine art goods, small trade goods, as well as goodwill presents to the systems visited.
With its extensive databanks and sophisticated computer systems, the ship has a wealth of Federation cultural, scientific, political and technical data that it shares with the systems it visits. The long-range sensors also allow it to perform “scientific data gathering” as it travels through Federation space and beyond.
The weapons fittings are primarily defensive in nature, meant to keep the embassy ship undamaged so it can flee to a sheltered part of a star system, or jump out of danger. Given the importance of the embassy missions, the Embassy ship is usually escorted by 2-3 smaller craft. These will usually be one 100-200 ton scout type ship for advanced liaison duties, one 200-400 ton tender/trade ship with a cargo only design that carries additional supplies and trade goods, and one 400-600 ton Escort, similar to Imperial Type T or Gazelle class ships. All of the ships mount defensive weapons, while the dedicated escort will often be heavily armed for its displacement.

(Designed using HGS version 1.14)