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Hirst Arts Molds for building starship interior terrain


Hirst Arts makes silicone rubber molds that allow people to cast plaster blocks which can then be glued together to build towers, castles, buildings, and dungeons. Most of the lines are for fantasy buildings (including egyptian styles), but the future line was just expanded with an initial set of molds designed for building starship interiors (in a Star Wars style).

Here is a picture of a sample sci-fi layout.

Here is a link to the instructions for building a basic set of components.

The basic idea is:
  • mix dry plaster with water</font>
  • pour into a mold</font>
  • scrape off the excess</font>
  • after the plaster sets, pop the blocks out</font>
  • repeat until you have enough blocks</font>
  • assemble with glue</font>
  • paint</font>
Most molds cost about $20-$35 depending on the size of the mold (~$20 for floor tile molds, $34 for wall block molds).

Not quite Traveller style, but worth a look if you're into using miniatures. I don't have the sci-fi molds, but I do enjoy building with the fantasy/historical molds.


PS: I've no connection to Hirst Arts other than enjoying using the molds.
thank goodness I read the whole post...I thought you were referring to Damien Hirst's Art. I had images of castings made from half a sheep