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Hiring Costs

First, let me explain that this is my first post as I am a new Citizen.

Second, I'm still coming to grips with d20 Traveller as the last time I played was (gulp) 15 years ago in the Classic Traveller universe.

Third, to the point. What is the cost of hiring people? I have a character who is a Noble and who doesn't want to dirty his hands with menial tasks like piloting his yacht, etc. He specifically wants to hire a pilot and a steward/medic/bodyguard. I can't find specifics in the d20 Traveller book so I thought that a standard cost of, say, CR250 per character level per month would be reasonable but that is totally arbitrary.

I seem to remember that in the Classic Traveller game there was a monthly salary table for each class but that seems to have been dispensed with in the d20 game.

Help please.
Hi Troubadour,

welcome back onboard !

Hmmm, regarding the salary I just can say:
It depends

As money may not be a limiting factor for this noble he might hire a highly trained yacht pilot form StellarProfessionals Inc. for 500 Cr a day.


I don't have my book in with me (I'm at work), but there is a table of salaries in the T20 book. It's near the back, in the chapter under Starship operation, with the information on starship expenses and income.
Hello there,
On page 347 there is a chart of starship positions and monthly salaries.
For the ones you are interested in:
Pilot: Cr6000
Steward: Cr3000
Medical Officer: Cr2000
Security: Cr: Cr2000

On page 348 is a paragraph about the salaries for personnel covering 2 positions. BAsically, they get the full monthly salary for the highest paid position plus 75% of the second position.

It doesn't say anything about 3 or more positions combined, so your GM (or you if you are GM) would have to make a call as to whether additinal positions add to the salary or if only the 2 highest paying positions contribute to the salary.

So, using just the top 2 positions, your Steward/Medic/Security personnel would be paid Cr4500 (Cr3000 + Cr1500).

Hope this helps.
Thanks a bunch, you guys. I found the necessary section in the d20 book on pg 347 thanks to your tips.

Look forward to more posts.
Just remember, Hiring Costs isn't just paying for salaries and/or bonuses. Hiring Costs include advertising too. Putting want adds in the local newspaper, posting want adds on the web at the infobooth, buying a round of drinks at the tavern or the local hiring hall, etc.

Then we can also talk about fringe benefits. As the crew of the Insolent Minx can attest to, having a captain thats willing to pay medical expenses for the crew is a good thing to have. :eek: