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I'm fishing around for general information about the Hinterworlds sector, and the Ral Rantha in particular. Any suggestions?
I'm assuming you have the Challenge #39 with the Hinterworlds/Ral Ranta information.

I've searched most of the net and have not found much of anything for free.

Are you a JTAS ( http://jtas.sjgames.com ) subscriber? If not, you should be (and mention I sent you).

The Delphi sector project on the JTAS discussion boards has some more stuff on the Ral Ranta, being the sector right next door. If you post a note on the JTAS Delphi sector board I can point you to the updates that have been written there.
Hey, I'm easy. But I wouldn't want to step on any rightsholder toes, so I guess I'd prefer the original.