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Himme a GenAssist cat
Himme the Honorable Dame Harriet Indigo Margret Melissa Elise. A black Persian Hemingway weighting 10 kilos with six toes on each paw. The head is a third larger than normal. The paws are thick and wider than normal about one third larger. Has a yellow collar with a small cylinder about one fourth of inch in diameter and two inches long. Two small silver bells are hung on either side of cylinder. Inside the collar is Him. Me 458 L 3 D7845 V999 S14 M5
5 th level Academic/ 1 st level Rogue
Str 3, dex 15, con 10, int 16, edu 15, wis 12, cha 7, soc 16, Stamina 13, life blood 10 ,
Feats - Research, Skill focus t/computer, hacker, advance research, advance knowledge, legal eagle, credit line, connections underworld, smuggling, fence stolen goods, forgery, spot trouble, sixth sense, (note due being a cat is swapped out beginning feats for others).
Skills - R/W Galanglic Vargr, Aslan, Virushi, Hiver, T/computer 13, Speak Galanglic, Gather information 6, sense motive 4, K/Interstellar Law 8, bribery 3, K/Business 5, Appraise 7, Move silently 10, Spot 9, hide 10, listen 9, forgery 7, search 7, K/GenAssist 5, k/Inheritance law 5, K/biology 5, k/chemistry 5, K/genetics 5

History mostly unwritten so I can adapt to the players responses. Himme was part of project for various purposes. GenAssist increase the intelligence of the standard breed of cat. Taking the defect of Hemingway gene (six plus toes) the scientists gave the lab specimens working digits on the par of humans. To prevent breeding all lab specimens were sterilized.
Yes as soon as the neural blocker in the cyclinder in the collar is removed. I havn't decided how well.

IMC she nearly got tossed out an airlock for helping someone slip Nair into someone's drink.
Right now cat and clan are at uneasy peace.
Two reasons. One of players love a cat. Two all cat stories I ever read have the cat as supernice etc companion. So since I know cats I having one who is as evil as some I came across.