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High Quality PDF or photocopy of Dark Nebula


SOC-14 5K
Need an old Hex style map of the Dark Nebula Sector that I could draw on. Could either be a High Quality PDF or very high quality photocopy. I believe Rats & Cats had one, sector details I can pull off the public domain sites. Or if someone knows of a Public Domain site...all the better but my laser printer is not very good so resolution and clarity are a must.
I can see if the old GDW/DGP mapmaker still works. Which sector listing do you want? The program takes the old MT-format text files.
GypsyComet, I am after Dark Nebula - the entire sector. And, Joshua, I am after something that is high quality so that when I print it out, I can use it as player's aid many times over.
Gimme a sec, msec file, routes borders, labels, etc. and allegiances and I'll generate an LBB in pdf format for ya.
Or I can do a Sector PDF from Traveller Universe - again I'd need a sector data file for the period you want.
I am looking at circa 1047 as my start year, just past GA not yet CT. A state of affairs when the nanscent Solomani Conferation must stand off against the more powerful but technologically weaker Hirate (sp). Things are in flux.
Kafka your PM box is full but I'm happy to oblige. 300 dpi suitable?

By the way Mickazoid's sector maps in her LBB's are excellent
Mickazoid was generous enough to create a sector PDF for the Magyar Sector for me. I was extremely pleased with the work she did with it. (I'm possibly the ONLY Traveller GM in existence to have ever run a campaign in the unpopular Magyar sector? LOL. Well not exactly all-Magyar. My campaign actually spans 2 sectors, the Magyar and Solomani Rim also).

No doubt, she can do a wonderful PDF publish of the Dark Nebula sector as well. You do need to provide her with enough of the raw data to go with (sec files, msec data, etc).

And Border Reiver... if you could please, I would also *love* an image map of the same Dark Nebula. 300 dpi sounds like plenty high-resolution to me. That's good enough quality for the typical navigator in my campaign.

-- erm oops, I'd really only be interested if the map was set during the Classic Era of Strephon (the time right before Strephon's Assassination)
Originally posted by Maladominus:
...That's good enough quality for the typical navigator in my campaign....
Who you calling typical!... ;)

Dark Nebula... so that's where we're going...
In fresh-n-lovely LBB format:



Fantastic job, Mick. Worth every penny of the postage of the package that I sent, a while back. Now, I just need draw the borders and the Nebula itself. And we are set, "Onward, brave Solomani Soldiers..."
Let me know when you get the borders and stuff written up (see this sample from the 'Gateway to PDF' site for the details) and I'll reissue a new one for ya!
<ahem> (said the fly in the ointment)

Micki, wasn't there talk a while back of getting it to do do the subsector names, instead of 'Subsector Twelve', etc.

Just asking for perfection, you know ... ;)
I was just going to do the whole thing manually on the dining room table...so it will take a little time. Just need to acquire the Library Data from Traveller's Digest & Rats & Cats and we are off to the races...anyone know if they are one and the same?
Mr. SmartyBromPants:

It has the subsector names on the data page. Otherwise I run the risk of long sector names running the heading off the page... so far that's looking a bit like a 'WONTFIX'. ;) I might be able to put the 'Sector Name, Subsector Name, Subsector Letter' in Courier text, below the heading and above the map - would that suffice?

Also - I've posted the .sec, route and alliance files, as well as a full pdf including animal and cargo encounters: