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where do you get the HGS program, and which version of traveller is it meant to be used for, as i now have T20 (my main sourse), GDW's Traveller, FASA's Traveller, and Gurp's Traveller
Thanks all,
Right here!

High Guard Shipyard
Originally posted by DM_Dracos:
sounds bad but tried it to make up the galactica, and says on first page, invalid design, what are the limits?
The limits are exactly the same as LBB5. It will flag up that message if you do anything wrong - you just have to check through and see what might be invalid.

This is why I don't use the program myself - it is very house-rule unfriendly; there is no way to get inside and tweak its construction rules. Only use it if you're a dedicated follower of canon.
If you are messing with T20, you might prefer Falkyn's Excell Spreadsheet. There is an old version in the FLibrary. The last released version is located here. and it is more T20 friendly than HGS.

BTW the Galactica already exists in Traveller. In Traveller the equivalent is called an Azhanti High Lightning. (Deckplans are available in the FLibrary.
) Stats are available for each version of the game, except perhaps T4.