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HG and fuel/drive economy.

Unfortunately the answer to that one is... it depends ;)

It depends upon the TL the ship is built at, which influences the size and cost of the power plant in HG (a major expense), and the jump number (the jump drive is also a major expense).

HG designed merchants will usually be cheaper with more cargo hold than their LBB2 cousins, providing that they are built at TL13+ (TL15 if possible). At lower TLs they will be a bit more expensive and have a similar cargo capacity IIRC.
Worse, you can legitimately mix the two...

Generally, tho', for smaller ships, the extra 9-18 tons of PP fuel under Bk2 makes up for the cheaper drives. (also, for smaller craft, the J-Drives are HUGE by comparison under Bk2.)

As to J-fuel: no difference exists...
The differences are a strength of CT. Aramis did the math for us: you want cheaper, you get lower efficiency. Assuming there aren't cheat-points, of course.
The most classic Bk2 "cheat point" is the 2000 dton type TJ from TTA. It is flat out impossible in any other design system I know of.

It is so bad, it should be striken from Traveller canon.

The Bk2 Type T is pretty snazzy, too. Especially since you get it at TL10.
Ach, that's not a cheat point, that's simply a broken design. CT has lots of those, apparently. Sigg, are all of these attributable to HG1/2 and/or Original/Revised LBB2 differences?
The changes to the drive table between first edition CT and revised edition made the 2kt J6/M6 cruiser a possibility.
In first edition the best you would get is J5/M5.

The J6/M6 cruiser can also be built using High Guard second edition.

Bridge 2%
M-drive 17%
J-drive 7%
PP 6%
Fuel 66%

Total 98%
+1% for fire control...

so where's the crew and computer again?

this allows a sand and missile ship only, since you need more EP's to *power* the computer and weapons...

Maybe with jump tanks?

Armour and screens are obviously "optional extra" so don't get hit.

Scott Martin
They're in that 2% ;)

This is a disguised courier, not a warship.

In CT you could get a 2000t J6/M6, using High Guard you can still get those drive performances, but you are not going to have much in the way of anything else, and the ship will have to be bigger.