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Help! Converting T2k $ to CT Credits


Absent Friend
I would like to port some equipment from Twilight:2000 over to my CT campaign. I need some assistance working out the conversion from T2K dollars to CT Credits.

Help me COTI. Your my only hope.... ;)
Thrash writes:
I did some checking, and it appears that the weapons costs in T:2000 and TNE are right in the same ballpark, and both are comparable to Book 1. You shouldn't have any problems using the same figures (i.e. Cr1 = $1).
That may work for guns, but for other things, not so good. Im looking at antibiotics right now. In TNE, there Cr50 per tablet. T2k has the same stuff, liquid form, at $500, oral form $750.

I suppose I could ignore that, given that prices for drugs are probably alot higher in the aftermath, were as in CT they would be plentifull and cheap.

This is only the second time I've cracked open a TNE book this year, but it seems to have a more complete list of drugs than other versions of Trav, but still not as much as T2K has.