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hebden bridge

Hebden Bridge is in Yorkshire, upin the middle of nowhere.

It is also the location of a free Traveller get-together every year in the Salem Centre in the village of the same name.

Sigg- E-mail Martin, he may be going on Sunday so might be able to help you get there.

Alas, not for me this year... :(

Thanks Shane
Maybe TravellerCon should be moved to London where those of us without passports to get outside the M25 can get in (That assumes that Geordies and Maccams or whatever the rest of you are, are permitted into the City of Dreams)
Erm no Elliot, I don't think so. From visitng the place, getting your ball back after hitting a six would require search dogs and mountaineering gear..

Originally posted by hirch duckfinder:
anyone going tomorrow ?
You'd think, this being the foruth year I'd planned to, that I'd actually make it this time, what with absolutely positively no weddings clashing this year, no LARP events, no Grand Prix or relative visiting duties... But no, this year my ten year old decide to get ill enough for couple of days of school just before sats week so she can incubateda new and improved flu bug that has had me literally bed ridden and incapable of speech for three days...


maybe next year...

hope it goes well tho'


Nick Middleton