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Hats Off to Larsen E. Whipsnade, by thunder!

While snooping about on the TML Landgrab site, I came across Larsen E. Whipsnade's grab of the Grote system. Excellently done, and a snapping good read, what?

Such quality work deserves high praise!


D'you have a link perchance, milord?

I second the hats off, generally, but there's something he and I discussed privately a few weeks ago; I'd like to inquire about that, Mr. Whipsnade.
(swills cough syrup. opens and closes mouth several times.)
(wanders from room. tries to remember where his slippers are...)

Thank you for your praise. However, it is somewhat misplaced.

In all honesty I must point out that the site is the work of Alan Spik. He took the various mutterings I'd posted to the TML over the years and fashioned them into the Landgrab you referred to. Mr. Spik has done all the real work, done all the heavy lifting, made it all fit together. All I did was occasionally post assorted rants and ravings.

Jame - Please excuse me. I've been away on business for three weeks. Could you PM me with your concerns and questions? Thank you.