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Happy Birthday, Marc!

Mr. Marc Miller,

Of all that I have ever purchased, I believe I've gotten the most use and enjoyment out of Traveller. To sit down with a pen and paper and then to stand up with entire worlds, is surpassed only by communicating those worlds to the players and hearing them say they had a great time. Sitting at our tables and computers we've had our horizons magnificently expanded. Not bad for 2d6. Thank you.


Michael Gilliam
Vance Stargate
Lora Lei
Robert Smith
Lukas Backer
Jonathan Braddock
Diinda Ishzig
Marc, who?

Miller...rings a bell can't place it, however. Short guy with nasty sideburns? Mmm...

Happy Birthday, Marc! Be sure to the Gaming National Expo, next year so that I can buy you a beer or two to celebrate in style, Canadian style that is.

Happy Birthday, Marc, and thanks for everything (and especially for autographing my T4 rulebook at the 2001 GenCon)!

Sir Dameon Toth
Happy Birthday Marc!!

I can't thank you enough for TRAVELLER!