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Halo Movie


In case y'all missed this, looks like Peter Jackson/Wingnut is going to be exec producing (not directing) the Halo movie with WETA on the FX.

Here's the Reuters boilerplate:

Another decent take:

Video/PC game adaptions are notorious (I'm planning on enjoying DOOM by keeping my expectations supa, supa low!), but this is worth at least a couple of marks in the plus column.

That or I'm still feeling my Serentity warm-n-fuzzy... :D
I am none too impressed with what I have seen of Doom. It looks like they just took live actors and inserted them into the video game. Whereas, I was hoping for something more akin to a action flick like Aliens versus Preditor. Not a good film, but a reasonable DVD rental to enjoy popcorn with. From the previews that I have seen (attached to Serenity) King Kong looks good as does Aeon Flux.
Oddly enough, I had a very Doom-like dream this morning (more like the original game save that there was a team of armed guys in it). Don't remember much, except I used an unloaded rifle to beat a demon which was made out of two old people (one man, one woman, who were married to each other in life).
^ Personally, I'd be happy with a CGI Halo continuing the storyline or even backtracking to some of the Master Chief's previous missions; maybe to introduce some other Spartans or explain why he has a naval rank while he is surrounded by Marines. Is he a SEAL or something all together different?