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GRIP free client


I've downloaded the free GRIP client and cannot seem to get it to connect to the server. I have tried it on win 2000 and xp. Single ip and no firewall per instructions. Any ideas?
Um. Don't you have to connect to the IP of someone who is running a game? Get someone to run a game, get their IP address, and try connecting to them.
You need to either have a GM with the iGM module running in listen mode whose IPA you know, or you need to find a gme being hosted by a GM on the RPGRealms website and connect to the game via that matchmaking client to the GMs iGM module.

I'd tell you how to do that but I have never done it, so I do not know.

Their website does not actually host any games, it is just a meetpoint for those gaming.
I could buy that IF the screen shots didn't show games that you could connect to. Lets not forget that they also discuss IRC in connection with the client.
I am not sure what you mean about screen shots, nefus.

It is a "generic" system that can be adapted (albiet with a little effort) to most RPG systems, depending upon the degree you wish to automate game play..

It uses a built-in IRC chat client and uses an IRC chat channel- but you'd never notice, as the program handles all of it internally.